Come See Us at the 2015 Colorado Garden & Home Show


Come see us at the 2015 Colorado Garden and Home Show. The show starts tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th and runs through Sunday, February 15th.

Where:      Colorado Convention Center

Exhibit #:  1648

When:        February 7 – February 15, 2015

Hours:       Saturdays –  10 am  –  8 pm; Sundays –  10 am – 6 pm;

                             Monday – Friday –  12 noon – 8 pm

We will be displaying some new products at the show including some spectacular sculptural lighting from Attraction Lights and some new LED “stick” lights. In case you’re in need of some discount tickets for the show, click here to print a $2 Off Discount Coupon.

We hope to see you at the show!

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Cody the Airedale Says to Remember Pet and Animal Safety When Decorating for the Holidays

Cody - Santa Claus

Cody – Santa Claus

Hi – it’s Cody the Airedale here. I first want to thank my human mom and dad for helping me to write this article on a topic that’s very important to me and all my other four-legged friends. That topic is a reminder to keep pet and animal safety in mind when decorating for the holidays.

I live with my mom and dad in the Ken-Caryl Ranch Valley. This time of year I have many wild animal friends stop by my house including deer, elk, raccoons, rabbits, red foxes, and coyotes. I know if the electrical cords and light strings are not secured properly, that my friends can trip or become tangled up in them and hurt themselves. If you need to run electrical cords between two shrubs or trees, don’t run the cords above ground but staple them safely to the ground with sod staples. We’ve all seen and heard stories about the inquisitive deer with a plastic pumpkin stuck on his head or a string of lights tangled up in his antlers.

deer tangled in lightsFor dogs like me and cats, interior decorations have their own potential dangers. I was born on December 19th eleven years ago, so I don’t remember too much about my first Christmas except competing with my brothers and sisters for a meal. But by the next Christmas, I sure do remember all those shiny balls on the tree that I could knock to the floor with my tail. My mom and dad quickly learned that my access to the tree should be restricted so that I wouldn’t hurt myself or damage the ornaments.

I’ve been told that cats really like to climb Christmas trees and dogs also might be tempted to jump up at a tree to get a better view. For that reason, trees should be anchored securely so that they do not get knocked over. I’ve been told that cats are also attracted to the shiny tinsel, and this is a very bad thing for both cats and dogs to swallow. Also, if your family has a real tree, make sure that the reservoir containing the water does not become a water dish. Sometimes chemicals are added to help preserve the tree and over time the water can develop bacteria, so make sure that someone in the household covers the reservoir so that it is not used as a water dish.

For any interior lighting or tree lighting, also make sure that the electrical cords are kept safely out of the reach of both puppies and older dogs who like to chew. The result of chewing into a live electrical cord could range between painful and deadly. Artificial and real pine needles, ribbon, bows, and even wrapping paper can become real problems if eaten, so for that reason the floors and carpets should be vacuumed frequently and the home kept tidy.

Also remind your family that the following plants can be harmful to dogs and cats: poinsettias, holly, amaryllis, lilies, and mistletoe. Either decide beforehand not to have these in the home at all or keep them well out of reach of the fur kids in the family. Poinsettias can irritate the stomachs and mouths of both dogs and cats, and some lilies can cause kidney failure in cats. Also, any liquid potpourri should be kept out of the reach of both dogs and cats.

Although food and drink are not part of holiday decorating, they are part of celebrating the holidays. For that reason, please be careful to keep alcoholic drinks, chocolate, grapes, raisins, currants, and fatty meat scraps away from dogs and cats. And, in Colorado and other states that have legalized marijuana, please do not allow your dogs and cats to eat any edible marijuana products.

By following a few simple rules, we can all help to make the holidays safe and enjoyable for both my four-legged and human family and friends.

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Energy-Efficient LED Interior Lighting Installation Completed at Willow Creek II HOA Clubhouse

Willow Creek II Clubhouse Lighting - After

Willow Creek II Clubhouse Lighting (LED) – After

Even though outdoor is a very prominent part of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives(OLP) of Colorado name, we are oftentimes asked to participate in interior lighting projects as well due to our expertise. OLP of Colorado recently completed such a project at the Willow Creek II Clubhouse in Centennial where new LED fixtures were installed in the main clubhouse area, kitchen, and restroom. Read all about it in our company’s PRESS RELEASE!

The homeowners wanted  to have more light at the table level in the main clubhouse area for meetings and events, and they wanted a lighting technology that was more energy efficient. OLP of Colorado recommended the Designers Fountain Castello family of fixtures – a contemporary design with a Spanish flair.

In the medium and large chandeliers, the new Philips SlimStyle 10.5W dimmable LED bulb (60W incandescent equivalent) was installed. Even though the bulb is shaped like a large lollipop, it provides 360-degree lighting.  And with the dimming capabilities, the overhead lighting can be dimmed for those evening Denver Broncos games or brightened during meetings.

Willow Creek II Clubhouse Interior Lighting - Before

Willow Creek II Clubhouse Interior Lighting – Before

Since the clubhouse was constructed in the ’80s, the overhead lighting in the main clubhouse consisted primarily of track lighting – one of the fads of that decade. Although the track lights had been directed downward, they provided insufficient lighting to read a book or eat a meal. In addition, the track lighting did not illuminate the soaring cathedral ceilings – so the interior space from the floor to the ceiling was just plain dark. Contrast this lighting effect with the new lighting that provides additional indirect lighting that bounces downward from the ceiling. By the way, the before photo is actually in color – but the space appears to be flat and monotone. That’s what happens to objects and colors in subdued light – everything becomes gradations of gray to black.

So which space do you feel is more inviting? We’ll be posting more pictures of this project on our OLP of Colorado website in the near future.


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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado Celebrates 15 Years in Business!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado is pleased to announce that we juCelebrating 15 Years in Coloradost completed our 15th year in business serving the landscape and outdoor lighting needs of residential, commercial, and municipal customers in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Colorado Springs, and communities all along the Colorado Front Range and beyond.

Read the Press Release that our corporate Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office in Richmond, Virginia published about us.

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Don’t Forget About Your Landscape Lights During Your Spring Yard Cleanup

After a long hard winter this year in many parts of the country, many homeowners are only now beginning their spring yard clean up. That work may include raking up leaves and fallen tree branches, trimming dead tree branches, re-seeding the lawn, and removing general dirt and  grime that accumulated during the winter. When it comes to wintertime dirt and grunge, the source of this mess is truly global. I’ve read that the prevailing winds have carried sand from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and ash from forest fires in California to Colorado; and that Colorado returned the favor by sending its soot and ash from the forest fires last year to Iceland where it is now blackening the glaciers.

However, in the midst of all this outdoor spring cleaning, many homeowners overlook the need to clean and service their landscape lighting systems as well. Whether these homeowners elect to do this maintenance themselves or hire a professional lighting contractor to do it, a comprehensive servicing of the landscape lighting system should be done at least annually. The following checklist provides the required tasks to keep your lighting system looking as good as the day it was first installed:

  • Clean all fixtures and lens covers
  • Replace all halogen bulbs with new ones to provide maximum illumination; for LED systems, replace only those LEDs that have failed during the winter
  • Re-anchor and straighten all fixtures as needed
  • Cover any exposed wiring
  • Check transformer and all connections
  • Check and reset/reprogram timer or control system as required
  • Trim or lightly prune plants and bushes as required
  • Selectively relocate fixtures due to changes and/or overgrowth of landscaping

Your low voltage landscape lighting system performs nightly and is subjected to every environmental extreme that mother nature can throw at it. The good news is that it can and will provide you years and years of service as long as it receives regular and routine maintenance.

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Visit Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at the 2014 Denver Home Show

DHS_150NEWCome visit Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado in Booth #2050 at the Denver Home Show to see the latest landscape and architectural LED lighting products and services. The 3-day event will feature many home improvement and outdoor living contractors, and guest speakers include Kevin O’Connor (host of This Old House) and Josh Flagg of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.


National Western Complex (4655 Humboldt St. – East of I25 on I70)

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado (Booth #2050)

  • Friday, March 14     10 A.M  –  9:00 P.M.
  • Saturday, March 15     10 A.M.  –  9:00 P.M.
  • Sunday, March 16     10 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

CLICK HERE to obtain $2.00 Off discount tickets for the show.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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Outdoor/Landscape Lighting Specials at the 2014 Colorado Garden & Home Show

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado is offering some exciting 7- and 10-light specials at the 2014 Colorado Garden and Home Show that starts this Saturday, February 15th. These lighting packages will provide you with a professionally designed and installed landscape/outdoor lighting system for illuminating your garden, deck, house facade, etc. These lighting packages are available in either quartz halogen or LED bulb options. So come by and visit us in Booth #1442 to register for the following specials:


2014 Colorado Garden & Home Show Specials

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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See the Latest LED Outdoor Lighting Products at the 2014 Colorado Garden and Home Show

2014 Colorado Garden & Home Show LogoThe 2014 Colorado Garden and Home Show (the 55th annual edition) starts one week from today! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado is again proud to be exhibiting in our 15th year at this wonderful show- the oldest, largest and most prestigious garden and home show in the rocky mountain region.

Produced by the Colorado Garden Foundation, the Colorado Garden and Home Show will have 14 professionally landscaped gardens, over 650 exhibitors, free educational seminars, a juried flower show, and an African Safari Entry Garden. The Colorado Garden Foundation donates 100-percent of all show tickets sold for horticultural grants and scholarships in Colorado throughout the year.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado will be displaying the latest in LED architectural, landscaping, and outdoor lighting, as well as Lighting Control Automation(TM) for lighting control and home automation applications. Stop by and visit us in Booth #1442.

Show Details:

  • 2014 Colorado Garden & Home Show
  • Colorado Convention Center – Downtown Denver
  • February 15  –  23, 2014
  • Hours:
  • Saturdays 10:00 a.m.  –  8:00 p.m.
  • Sundays 10:00 a.m.  –  6:00 p.m.
  • Monday  –  Friday 12:00 noon  –  8:00 p.m.

Stay tuned for information about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado’s show specials as well as coupons for obtaining discounted tickets for admission into the show.

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Low Voltage LEDs for Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Ya Yas New LED Outdoor Lighting

Ya Yas New LED Outdoor Lighting

The answer is a resounding YES! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) of Colorado recently completed two projects prior to the holidays – one for a restaurant in Greenwood Village (Ya Yas) and the other for a townhome community (Woodbox Condos) in Fort Collins. At YaYas, the line voltage 100W metal halide HID fixtures were replaced with OLP’s low voltage 24W LED box flood lights (an energy savings of 76-percent). At Woodbox Condos, the old line voltage post lights with 120W flood lights were replaced with low voltage 16W LED post lights (an energy savings of 87-percent). In addition, other dark areas of the property were illuminated with low voltage 24W LED box flood lights mounted on the exterior walls of the condo buildings.

New Low Voltage LED Post Lights at Woodbox Condos

New Low Voltage LED Post Lights at Woodbox Condos

Woodbox Condos Low Voltage LED Floodlight

Woodbox Condos Low Voltage LED Floodlight

In a lot of these commercial applications, the previously-installed line voltage wiring to the exterior lighting has become corroded or severed, or may not even meet present-day electrical code. The cost to repair and/or replace this line voltage wiring (at a depth of 18-inches in conduit or 24-inches direct burial) can be prohibitive, and the damage to any mature landscaping can be problematic.

That’s what makes low voltage LED lighting so attractive for commercial applications compared to redoing the line voltage lighting;  the lighting effect is just as bright; the energy-savings is upwards of 75-percent; and the overall project cost is much less. And by the way, a lot of older residential properties and estates still use line voltage lighting for illuminating landscape and architectural features. As this wiring begins to fail after many decades of use, retrofitting to low voltage LEDs becomes a very viable option for them as well.

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The Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell a House – Especially If You Add a Little Lighting!

Which  house would you rather purchase?

House & Property w/o Landscape Lighting

House w/o Landscape Lighting

House w/ Landscape Lighting

House w/ Landscape Lighting








A few Saturday’s ago I heard a local realtor (Rich Petrone) being interviewed on KKZN AM760’s Saturday morning show – The American Real Estate Network – about the advisability of selling a home during the holiday season.  Rich said that the holidays were a fantastic time to sell a house because –

  • there are fewer houses on the market; i.e., less competition
  • there are more motivated buyers seeing different neighborhoods while attending holiday parties and events
  • and last but not least, the houses that are well illuminated by landscape and/or holiday lighting have great curb appeal and look very welcoming

During the last 15 years, our company (Outdoor Lighting Perspectives) has illuminated many homes during the holiday and winter season because the homeowners had already listed or planned to list their home for sale. During this time of year, just about every commuter in the work force is traveling home after dark, and if they’re in the market for a new house, what better time is there to make your house stand out after dark.

Companies who provide staging services and products for home sellers to enhance the interior of homes have been all the rage in recent years. So now is definitely the time to consider exterior lighting staging services – either on a temporary or permanent basis. Lighting a home on a temporary basis is similar to the evening lighting design demonstrations that we perform. The only difference is that these lights would remain on site for several weeks or months, and that the temporary wiring, etc. would be hidden from view.

The other option is to permanently install a basic design of 15 or fewer lights to enhance the primary architectural features of the house to give it curb appeal after dark. This lighting then becomes an additional feature and asset of the home, and it would also provide the new homeowner the opportunity for expanding the lighting system in the future. Lastly, adding a few strings of twinkle lights on trees and shrubs can add to the spirit of the season – and bring even more attention to the home you’re hoping to sell sooner rather than later.

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