s41271ca108346_8The authors of Outdoor Lighting of Colorado’s Blog are Mead and Cathy Noss, the local owners of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado. When Mead and Cathy started the business ten years ago, the Colorado franchise location was only the 11th office of what is now the oldest and largest lighting franchise in the world. Now there are over 80 locations from coast to coast with overseas offices in Ireland, Kuwait, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

Mead as a former aerospace engineer and registered Professional Engineer, is well-versed in the technical aspects of lighting fixtures, lighting design, bulb technology, lighting installations, and control technology for residential and commercial applications. Mead has a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State and an MBA degree in Marketing from CU Boulder. With additional course work in green home technology from CSU, Mead endeavors to keep OLP of Colorado ahead of the learning curve to provide his customers the latest innovative products and technology.

Cathy, also with an MBA degree in Marketing from CU Denver and a B.A. degree from Florida State, manages OLP of Colorado’s office and has ten years of lighting design experience. She is typically our company’s first contact with existing customers and prospective customers, so over the last ten years she has seen and heard it all with respect to the special lighting needs and issues in Colorado.

Cody the Airedale is our Director of Fun.picture12 He is a constant reminder that there’s much more to life than just work.


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