Landscape Lighting, Foxes and Bears! Oh My!

Mama bear at outdoor lighting installation

As an outdoor lighting contractor in Colorado, we’re truly blessed to be able to see some of the most beautiful locations¬† and wild animals in the country. Our latest installation was no exception. Located at one of the highest residential sites on Cheyenne Mountain (yes that Cheyenne Mountain that is the home to NORAD), we just completed the back yard landscape lighting installation this past week. We first met mama bear and baby bear last summer when we completed the outdoor lighting system in the front yard.

Mama bear and baby bear at outdoor lighting installation

The site has a magnificent view of Colorado Springs below and the great plains beyond. During the day you can hear the carillon playing from the Will Rogers shrine and in the evening at 10:00 pm you can even hear taps being played from the Fort Carson army base. When we’re there in the evening to aim lights, we typically see the family of foxes.
We installed 30 lighting fixtures in the back yard to illuminate a patio, paths, and a beautiful water feature. In the front yard we installed 23 lighting fixtures to highlight the paths, trees, and rock outcroppings.
It’s definitely a pleasure living in Colorado!

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