How can you enjoy Christmas lighting without all of the hassles?

Christmas Lighting Made Easy

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) of Colorado and OLP national have expanded its Christmas and holiday lighting services this year as reflected in our new corporate website. There you will see our emphasis on exterior lighting – residential, commercial, as well as  holiday.

With the Christmas and holiday lighting, you can see examples of the designs, products, and installations using our truly unique and high quality LED and incandescent products. In addition, you can even upload a daytime photo of your house, and we can provide you with a nighttime computer-generated design and quote for what one of our design, installation, take down, and storage packages would run on an annual basis.
Nighttime Simulation of Christmas Lighting Design

This concept is similar to our company’s concept of providing evening lighting demonstrations for our landscape and architectural lighting projects. This eliminates any guesswork and the customer actually gets to see what the lighting would look like prior to making a decision.  An example of what the actual Christmas lighting installation (in Castle Pines Village) looks like, can be seen below.

Enjoy the wonderful holiday season!

Christmas Lighting Installation in Castle Pines Village
Another View – Christmas Lighting in Castle Pines Village


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