Don’t scrap your old outdoor lighting fixtures for LED. Call us for a retrofit.

A lot of people stopped by our booth at the Colorado Garden & Home show asking if we can retrofit existing outdoor lighting fixtures with LED bulbs. The good news is – yes we can! The great news is the energy savings can be up to 90%. For example, standard path lights use a 20 watt quartz halogen bulb. We can replace that with 2 watt LED bi-pin bulb with energy savings of 90%. Watch this video to learn more.

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  1. […] Retro-fitting to LED can save you up to 90% in energy costs. LED lights also exude a quality of concise clarity of light that is not available by any other means. If you have been holding off because you thought you had to replace your entire system to obtain all the attributes of LED, think again, we can make it a piece of cake. This video by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado shows you how an LED retro-fit  is achieved… […]

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