See what a difference community entrance lighting can make

Your community entrance is a greeting. It’s a welcome home to your residents. Your entrance engenders pride for your residents who call the community home. But does your entrance sign welcome home residents and help visitors find their way at night? Many community entrance signs have little or no outdoor lighting illuminating the entrance monuments and the entrance landscaping. Or perhaps a conversion to LED or another form of energy efficient lighting really “fits the bill”. Here are some pictures of community entrance signs we have illuminated.

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LC10 39W Ceramic Metal Halide

After watching the slide show, could you tell which entrances were illuminated with line voltage or low voltage lighting fixtures – or with LEDs? It turns out that the Dove Ridge, Prominence Point and The Keep entrances were illuminated with line voltage lighting fixtures. The Dove Ridge and Prominence Point entrances were retrofitted with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ (OLP) LC10 39W Ceramic Metal Halide lighting fixtures. At Prominence Point, we replaced two 150W metal halide fixtures with one 39W LC10 – for a total energy savings of 87-percent! The Keep entrance lighting project was installed with KIM direct burial 70W pulse metal halide floods per the landscape architect’s specifications.

The Diamond Ridge and Village of Genesee entrances are both illuminated with low voltage LED lighting fixtures – with one major difference. At Diamond Ridge, a total of 39 – 8.7W low voltage LED lighting fixtures were installed on both corners of the entrance and on a center island – and power was readily available to power the low voltage transformers. At the Village of Genesee on the other hand, there was no available power within a quarter of a mile. For that installation, we constructed a solar photovoltaic system to power a 3.7W low voltage LED fixture to illuminate the entrance monument.

Lastly, the Majestic Commerce Center sign was illuminated with OLP’s low voltage 39W quartz halogen BB-03 well lights. For a free consultation to learn how we can illuminate your community’s entrance, please give us a call at (303) 948 – 9656 or email

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