Turn Your Outdoor Living Area into a Year-Round Fiesta with Permanent Festival Lighting

Nighttime View of Festival Lighting in Denver Courtyard

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives just completed a truly fun and unique lighting installation – festival lighting for a courtyard at a downtown Denver townhome. The five strands of line voltage festival lights used a total of 44 bulbs (11W each) to span the courtyard between the townhome and its garage at the rear of the property. 



With the installation of a 1000W dimmer switch, the lights are now controlled manually and can be dimmed to the desired setting to establish the mood for a party or to just relax at the end of a long day.  To support the weight of the electrical wiring and bulbs, stainless steel aircraft cable was first installed for each of the five spans.

 Most area residents have seen festival lighting used in Larimer Square and the Denver Pavilions, but may not have considered it for their own properties and outdoor living spaces. Through the use of commercial-grade lighting products and professional installation, now homeowners can truly enjoy this very cheerful lighting at their own homes as well. 

Another first at this installation was seeing the live birth of kittens when an alley cat took up temporary residence in one of the homeowner’s large pots on the courtyard. So I guess even alley cats cannot resist the ambience and warm glow of festival lights!

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  1. Love the style of the outdoor lightings,simple but attractive. Nice blog!

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