Special Event Lighting Is Available for Your Colorado Parties, Graduations and Weddings

Special Event Lighting Fixtures

Special Event Lighting Fixtures

Did you know that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado also provides temporary lighting services for special events on a rental basis? We can provide design, installation and take-down lighting services at your own home, business, or other venue. The battery-powered LED landscape lighting fixtures shown at right can be placed to illuminate walkways, trees and tented areas on your property, building, or tented pavilion – without having to run any temporary wiring that could become a tripping hazard.


Laser Light Projection Systems

Laser Light Projection Systems

 In addition, we can also set up laser light projection systems that can create a magical venue with thousands of sparkling lights that can take on the appearance of lightning bugs. One of our customers with a permanent laser light installation has told us that he always feels like he is attending an outdoor performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.     

Image Projection System

Image Projection System

We can also provide an image projection system with either standard or custom gobos. A gobo is the metal or glass plate that creates the lighted image on whatever surface is being projected onto.  A custom image, for example, could be the bride and groom’s name that is being projected onto a dance floor or the ceiling of a ballroom or pavilion tent.




Nighttime View of Festival Lighting in Denver Courtyard

Nighttime View of Festival Lighting in Denver Courtyard

Of course, we can also set up festival lighting or other types of twinkle lights on trees and shrubs to create a festive appearance for your evening event. We also have special LED color-changing floodlights that can be synchronized to music, if you would like to take your event to the next level.


These are just some of the special event lighting services that we offer throughout the year, so please contact our office at 303/948-9656 for more information and pricing.

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