The Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell a House – Especially If You Add a Little Lighting!

Which  house would you rather purchase?

House & Property w/o Landscape Lighting

House w/o Landscape Lighting

House w/ Landscape Lighting

House w/ Landscape Lighting








A few Saturday’s ago I heard a local realtor (Rich Petrone) being interviewed on KKZN AM760’s Saturday morning show – The American Real Estate Network – about the advisability of selling a home during the holiday season.  Rich said that the holidays were a fantastic time to sell a house because –

  • there are fewer houses on the market; i.e., less competition
  • there are more motivated buyers seeing different neighborhoods while attending holiday parties and events
  • and last but not least, the houses that are well illuminated by landscape and/or holiday lighting have great curb appeal and look very welcoming

During the last 15 years, our company (Outdoor Lighting Perspectives) has illuminated many homes during the holiday and winter season because the homeowners had already listed or planned to list their home for sale. During this time of year, just about every commuter in the work force is traveling home after dark, and if they’re in the market for a new house, what better time is there to make your house stand out after dark.

Companies who provide staging services and products for home sellers to enhance the interior of homes have been all the rage in recent years. So now is definitely the time to consider exterior lighting staging services – either on a temporary or permanent basis. Lighting a home on a temporary basis is similar to the evening lighting design demonstrations that we perform. The only difference is that these lights would remain on site for several weeks or months, and that the temporary wiring, etc. would be hidden from view.

The other option is to permanently install a basic design of 15 or fewer lights to enhance the primary architectural features of the house to give it curb appeal after dark. This lighting then becomes an additional feature and asset of the home, and it would also provide the new homeowner the opportunity for expanding the lighting system in the future. Lastly, adding a few strings of twinkle lights on trees and shrubs can add to the spirit of the season – and bring even more attention to the home you’re hoping to sell sooner rather than later.

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