Refurbish and Upgrade Your Old Lamp Posts to the 21st Century!

Refurbished Low Voltage LED Lamp Post

Refurbished Low Voltage LED Lamp Post

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado, we are frequently asked if we can do anything to refurbish and upgrade a homeowner’s existing lamp posts – whether they were originally installed as line voltage or low voltage. Fortunately, the answer is yes as you can see in the newly refurbished and re-installed low voltage LED lamp post shown in the picture to the right.

For this project we removed the 50W incandescent bulbs and bulb sockets and replaced them with fully-integrated 4x4W LED towers that provide 360 degrees of light output. During this process, we cleaned and repainted all of the metal components of the lamp post, cleaned and re-frosted the glass lens, and installed the LED tower. This was one of two lamp posts that we refurbished and the results speak for themselves.

For situations in which the glass lenses are broken, we can usually find replacement lenses from the original lighting manufacturer or from one of our local glass suppliers. And if you would prefer to start over with a new lantern top, we can help you select a new design from a range of available products.

In the photos below, you can see the component parts including the LED tower prior to reassembling the lantern top and reinstalling it on the post at the homeowner’s property.

Refurbished Lantern Top Components

Refurbished Lantern Top Components

4x4W LED Tower

4x4W LED Tower

In this ever-increasing throw away society, we are happy that we can offer homeowners a more sustainable solution for their old lamp post lighting.

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