ProGreen Expo Wrap Up

ProGreen Expo Exhibit

We finished the ProGreen Expo last week and it was a very rewarding show. Not only did we renew friendships with old acquaintances and trade alliances, we also had the pleasure of starting new relationships as well. The major hits of the show were our expanded product offerings of line voltage commercial fixtures (with Ceramic Metal Halide Bulbs) that have applications ranging from commercial buildings, community entrances, and parks.

After completing this 3-day show, we’re off and running to the 9-day marathon also known as the Colorado Garden and Home Show.

Another Reason to Use Lighting Control AutomationTM – Please Note the Intermatic Timer Recall

In a previous post, we highlighted state-of-the-art whole-house lighting control systems available today including the one we use, Lighting Control Automation™. We also mentioned some of the older technology still in use including the Intermatic electronic in-wall timer.

We just learned today that Intermatic has RECALLED 240,000 of their in-wall electronic timers because the product might pose a shock hazard to consumers trying to replace a battery. The model numbers include ST01, ST01C, ST01AC, ST01AC70, ST01C70, ST01CL, EI600C, EI600LAC, EI600LAC8, EI600WC and EI600WC8. These switches typically replaced an existing toggle or decora switch, and were sold at electrical supply houses and other retail outlets nationwide between March 2007 and June of this year.

If you have one of these switches, you can obtain details about this recall by calling 877-417-4316; online at; or by accessing the website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

That is truly one of the great benefits of our Lighting Control Automation system, in that each intelligent switch does not need or even require a battery back up. Once the switch is programmed, the program is preserved forever and batteries are not required to back up the memory. In addition, there is no need to keep reprogramming the on and off times throughout the year since Lighting Control Automation does that for you automatically.

Mead Completes Green Homes Certificate Program

In May, Mead Noss (owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado), completed the 13-week long Green Homes Certificate Program at the Colorado State University (CSU) Denver campus.


The program is conducted by CSU’s Institute for the Built Environment and focusses on residential building strategies and tools, including the major rating systems – LEED-Homes®, Built Green, and ENERGY STAR. CSU is the Rocky Mountain region’s leading university in green design and construction management education. The certificate program coursework focussed on the following topics in green residential building, new construction and remodeling:

  • Residential green building in Colorado
  • Site and home design – first steps toward a green home
  • Energy efficient envelope – the backbone of a green home
  • High performance HVAC systems for new, remodeled and existing homes
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Field trip: home performance testing demonstrations; green homes visits
  • Sustainable and healthy building and finish materials/products
  • Natural home building techniques
  • Design charrette
  • Construction waste recycling, deconstruction, remodeling
  • Green rating systems: LEED®-Homes; Built Green, Energy Star

Of primary interest to Mead and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado, are the new energy-efficient lighting technologies (LED (light-emitting diode), CFL – compact fluorescents) as well as off-grid power options including solar photovoltaics and wind turbine energy.

Mead said that Colorado is at the epicenter of alternative energy research and implementation in the country. The information and contacts that I’ve made through this progam will help to position OLP of Colorado to take advantage of this new technology – and to provide our current and future customers these green lighting options.