Solar Photovoltaic/LED Dark-Sky Compliant Entrance Lighting

Continuing our theme of highlights for 2009, the most interesting project was our solar photovoltaic lighting installation for the Village of Genesee. We had received a request from the Villages’s property management firm to provide lighting at two entrances – one with power and one without power. The site without power therefore would require the installation of an off-grid solar photovoltaic lighting system.

Site without Power

Both sites required that the fixtures be dark-sky compliant; i.e., the fixtures must point downward so as to not discharge any light into the night sky. In addition, both installations had to withstand the extra wear and tear of heavy snowstorms, the excessive mountain winds, and last but not least, the large herd of elk.

What made this installation feasible was the introduction of the next generation LED (light emitting diode) fixture that draws only 3.7 watts. Our manufacturing partner is now providing us with very high-quality LED lighting fixtures with excellent color and lighting effect. By changing the lens optics, we could vary the lighting effect to create just the right lighting for the monument signage. A photo taken during the actual evening demonstration is shown below.

Evening LED Demo

On the solar photovoltaic (PV) side, the technology in terms of cost and quality has also improved significantly over the last few years. Coupled with the advances of the LED lighting technology, a high quality, long lasting solar PV/LED installation was now a reality.

A 20W solar PV panel was installed along with a solar gel battery that would provide at least five days of stored power for the system – enough to outlast long periods of clouds and snow during the winter months.

The battery, the controller (the brains of the system), and the lighting surge suppression system were installed in the aluminum equipment bay which was itself installed at the top of a structural aluminum pole. A photo of the completed installation is shown below.

Completed Installation with Solar PV Mast in Background

Interestingly, the solar PV panel has been blocked by snow only once this season. Prior to last Halloween, the foothills received 37-inches of snow and the HOA president had to brush off the panel with a broom with an extension handle.

In addition, the LED lighting installation at the second site that already had power was completed – and that installation is shown below. For this installation, two box floods each having 35-watt high pressure sodium bulbs were replaced by the two 3.7-watt LED lighting fixtures. The monthly electric bill for the HOA at this entrance dropped from $80.00 to $11.00!

LED Lighting Installation with Power


     fall_cgs                                                                      Come visit us at the upcoming Colorado Fall Home Show – Booth #717 at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver – September 19th and 20th. Saturday hours are from 10:00 AM through 8:00 PM and Sunday hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

This Fall Show – Denver’s only fall home show – will feature almost 300 companies with a focus on home renovation, remodeling, and sustainable living. The show also features two demonstration theaters offering educational seminars provided by experts in sustainability, energy efficiency, interior design, remodeling and cooking.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado will be displaying and launching its newest low-voltage LED landscape/architectural lighting fixtures and products. These are the first LED products that meet OLP’s hgh standards for quality lighting effect as well as durability.

In addition, permanent and more traditional LED holiday lighting products will be on display, as well as a new truly unique LED ribbon lighting product that is the only UL-approved LED ribbon available today that is suitable for a wet location.

Of course, our standard low voltage quartz halogen fixtures, ceramic metal halide commercial fixtures, and Lighting Control Automation™ will also be on display for your review and/or questions. We hope to see you there!

Mead and Cathy Noss


Mead Completes Green Homes Certificate Program

In May, Mead Noss (owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado), completed the 13-week long Green Homes Certificate Program at the Colorado State University (CSU) Denver campus.


The program is conducted by CSU’s Institute for the Built Environment and focusses on residential building strategies and tools, including the major rating systems – LEED-Homes®, Built Green, and ENERGY STAR. CSU is the Rocky Mountain region’s leading university in green design and construction management education. The certificate program coursework focussed on the following topics in green residential building, new construction and remodeling:

  • Residential green building in Colorado
  • Site and home design – first steps toward a green home
  • Energy efficient envelope – the backbone of a green home
  • High performance HVAC systems for new, remodeled and existing homes
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Field trip: home performance testing demonstrations; green homes visits
  • Sustainable and healthy building and finish materials/products
  • Natural home building techniques
  • Design charrette
  • Construction waste recycling, deconstruction, remodeling
  • Green rating systems: LEED®-Homes; Built Green, Energy Star

Of primary interest to Mead and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado, are the new energy-efficient lighting technologies (LED (light-emitting diode), CFL – compact fluorescents) as well as off-grid power options including solar photovoltaics and wind turbine energy.

Mead said that Colorado is at the epicenter of alternative energy research and implementation in the country. The information and contacts that I’ve made through this progam will help to position OLP of Colorado to take advantage of this new technology – and to provide our current and future customers these green lighting options.